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All-in di Eagle Heaps è un servizio on-line di Backup & Disaster Recovery, disponibile in due versioni per soddisfare anche le richieste più esigenti, dai piccoli professionisti alle realtà industriali e commerciali del tessuto economico. 

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Backup e Recovery per tutta l`infrastruttura aziendale, da portatili a server virtuali, SQL Server ed Exchange.

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EagleHeaps Delivers Complete Data Protection

Protecting your business – critical data has never been more important or easierto do. Our automated cloud backup and recovery services deliver complete data protection so you don`t have to worry about data loss, network failures, costly downtime, or even worse a complete shutdown of your company. 

White Paper – English Version- Last update Oct., 2015

Secure, Reliable and Proven Data Protection

Forty – four percent of SMBs implement data backup and recovery services after the fact and by then the damage is done. The data is lost. The reputation is ruined and in many cases, the business is starting over. 

White Paper – English Version- Last update Oct., 2015

FINRA Compliance and Data Protection with EagleHeaps

If you are one of the banking institutions or securities firms covered by FINRA (the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority), you already know that addressing its myriad of listed and implied rules can be quite perplexing. The agency sets high industry standards to ensure regulators and investors have greater access to critical information, while putting security safeguards around the company`s infrastructure and confidential data. Every banking institution and securities dealer that is not regulated by another SRO (Self -Regulatory Organization), such as the Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board (MSRB), is required to adhere to FINRA. 

White Paper – English Version- Last update Oct., 2015

HIPAA Compliance and Data Protection with EagleHeaps

Patient privacy continues to be a chief topic of concern as technology continues to evolve. Now that the majority of patient information is transferred over to digital format, organizations realize that they are exposed to certain risks. These hazards include disaster that may cause physical damage to computers that store patient information, corruption by virus attacks, and even stolen data by unauthorized personnel. 

White Paper – English Version- Last update Oct., 2015

PCI DSS Compliance and Data Protection from EagleHeaps

Every electronic transaction creates an opportunity for unscrupulous activities to occur. When these activities are corrupted, the damage can be significant; ranging from a simple one – time illegal purchase by a clerk or waitress using a customer`s credit information, to a full – blown identity theft using thousands (even millions) of people`s stolen personal data. Neither situation is desirable or tolerable in the business community, especially when both can be prevented or curtailed with the implementation of industry – proven security best practices and the proper systems. 

White Paper – English Version- Last update Oct., 2015